Hardwood Flooring

Millions of homeowners have already discovered that wood flooring is not only beautiful and dust-free but it is an excellent way to invest your new construction or remodeling dollars. You and your family are able to enjoy its beauty every day of the year but the value that it adds will remain and even escalate for the life of your home. Unlike the majority of floor coverings, the right wood floor can be something that lasts a lifetime and beyond.


The most traditional form of wood flooring is called unfinished solid. This is a solid piece of wood that's been milled into flooring which will be sanded and coated in your home after it's been nailed or glued down. It's generally considered the most "high-end" of wood floors due to the ability to customize the end product but also due to higher installation cost (man must do what the finishing machine usually would in a factory).


Prefinished solids are again a whole piece of flooring but the sanding and coating is done at the factory using sophisticated methods such as UV curing and the only work done in your home is to nail or glue it down. Your floor is ready to live on almost the minute it goes down.


And lastly, there is engineered wood flooring, such as the Kahala Floors which is made especially for Hawaii's unique climate. Engineered flooring involves taking a precisely cut slice of the flooring wood and pre-installing it onto plywood. Contrary to popular assumption, this is not done to be stingy on the wood! Rather, it is done to provide a more versatile, stable form of wood flooring. Engineered woods can be installed below grade (where solids cannot) and they can also be floated (whereas solid must be nailed or glued down). Most engineered flooring is sanded and prefinished in a factory, and with the right brand of engineered, you are looking at a lifetime product that can be refinished several times, just like a solid.

Wood flooring can be nailed, glued, or floated and finished off with a variety of moldings including reducers, end caps, t-moldings, base shoe, quarter rounds and base boards,


Our Kahala Floors Brand products are available in the following wood species: